How to sharpen your images for the web

Knowing how to sharpen your images is a great tool if you want to take your photography to the next level. A sharp image express that you know what you are doing, and gives the image more details.

Before you start to sharpen your images in Photoshop, you need to get it right in the camera. To get a sharp image in your camera you need to understand how to handle and manually adjust the settings in your camera. There are several videos that shows you how to do this on Youtube. To give you some tips on how to get sharp images in your camera: Use a tripod, shoot with a low ISO, turn off the stabilizer on your lens, use a remote shutter release, don’t under or overexpose your shots too much.

1. Open your image in Adobe Photoshop

2. Change your Image size

If you want to upload your image on the web at 1920px on the long side, then you need to resize your photo to the doubled amount of pixels. In this case it will be 3840x2648px.

To change your Image size, click on the “Image” tab in the menu bar at the top of the screen and then select “Image size”. After you resized the Image size, click “OK”

3. Sharpening

Once you have changed the size of the Image, click on the “Filter” tab at the top of the screen, select “Sharpen” and then click on “Sharpen” again.

4. Create a new layer

Create a new layer by clicking on “CTRL + J” for PC, or “Command + J” for MAC.

The reason why we want to create a new layer is, that we want to be able to control the sharpness on our image in a later step.

5. Sharpening (again)

Do the same thing as you did in step nr 3.

6. Resize your image

Resize your image in the same way as you did in step nr 2, but this time, change your image size to the size you’re going to share it on the internet with. In this case i will change it to 1920px on the long side.

7. Adjust the sharpness

You’re image should at this stage already look sharp, maybe even too sharp. If it looks too sharp, adjust the “Opacity” of the layer that we created until you’re satisfied. I personally like to change the opacity to somewhere between 60 - 80%.

8. Save your image

Save your image by clicking on “File - Save As - Change the File Format to JPG - Press “Save” - Adjust the Image Quality to Maximium (12) and click “OK”. You are now ready to share your supersharp image to the world!

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