I am a twenty three year old landscape and travel photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I started with photography when i was sixteen years old by taking photos with my phone, In June 2012 i received my first Digital Camera as a gift from my parents, since then i have spent many hours in nature and on YouTube to learn how to take better photos.

What i love about landscape photography is the combination between travel and photography, i love exploring and seeing new places for the first time.

Some of my clients during the years have been: Nikon, Jumbo Games, NiSi filters, Fotosidan & Fragbite.


Q: What gear do you use?
A: My primary camera is a Nikon D810, i also have a D800 as my backup camera. My lenses are Nikkor 16-35mm, Nikkor 28-300mm & Irix Firefly 15mm.

Q: Where do you find inspiriation?
A: I find most of my inspiration from other photographers, some of my current favorites are: Daniel Kordan, Dag Ole Nordhaug & Albert Dros.

Q: What programs do you use?
A: I use mostly Adobe Lightroom for all the general editing such as contrast, white balance, colors etc. I use Photoshop to add minor effects such as the "Orton Effect" and sharperning the image. I have lately been using Skylum Luminar as well.

Q: Will you release presets for Lightroom?
A: No, i don’t use any presets, i edit every image manually. But i will share tutorials about post-processing on my YouTube channel very soon.


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