10 månader med NiSi

Jag har nu använt mig av NiSi's filter i 10 månader, och jag är supernöjd.

NiSi är fortfarande ganska nya på marknaden, men har under denna korta tid expanderats över nästan hela världen, och fler och fler välkända fotografer använder sig numera av deras filter.

Har ni frågor angående dessa filter så hör av er, så ska jag försöka hjälpa till.

Nedanför kan ni se dom bilder jag har tagit med hjälp av NiSi's filter.

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND1000

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND1000

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND1000

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND1000

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND64

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND1000

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND1000

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND1000

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND64

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND64

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND1000

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND64

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8

NiSi V5, NiSi GND8 & NiSi ND1000

NiSi's filter går att hitta i dom flesta butiker numera, bl.a Cyberphoto, Scandinavianphoto & Japanphoto.

Stendörren Naturreservat

I Fredags besökte jag och en annan fotograf (Christian Lindsten) Stendörren Naturreservat som ligger i Nyköpings kommun. Eftersom jag aldrig hade varit där tidigare så visste jag inte vad jag skulle förvänta mig, det var ett väldigt fint område med mycket djurliv, hängbroar och utsiktstorn. Det var väl värt ett besök då vi även belönades med en väldigt fin solnedgång.

Christians bilder kan ni hitta här: https://www.lindstenfoto.se/

New printshop

Hello everyone!
I am happy to announce my new webshop here on my website! You can buy prints in various sizes and materials.
I can only ship within scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway & Denmark) at the moment, but i will shortly be able to ship all over the world.

If you have any questions regarding the shop, let me know in the comments below or contact me via email.

This is how the prints looks like.

Products displayed in this video:
1. Lövhagen 40x50cm
2. Svandammen 40x50cm
3. Knappelskär 40x50cm

Have a nice weekend, Philip

Lofoten 2017

About a month ago i went to Lofoten in the northern Norway. It was a successful trip even though it was rainy, windy and almost no snow at all. But it's hard to fail in Norway because of the dramatic landscape and beautiful nature. I have visited Norway three times, two times during winter and one time during summer, and i have to say that Norway has become my favorite country. I am planning on doing a road trip in Norway this summer, so if you know any location i should visit let me know.

Location: Fredvang
I have had this place in my mind for a couple of years, so when i visited Lofoten this winter i just had to check this place out. This location is still quite unkown so i was the only photographer there. 

Location: Reine
The skies finally cleared up after a day full of rain, it was a very peaceful moment being at this location when the clouds were so low and almost no wind at all.


Location: Hamnøy
Probably the most iconic view in the Lofoten Islands. Beside me stands about 10-15 other photographers shooting the same view. Maybe not the most original photo but a must visit when you go to Lofoten.


More photos from Lofoten will come, stay tuned on my social media pages!

DreamHack Winter 2016

Last weekend i visited Dreamhack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden to shoot the 100,000$ Counter-Strike tournament for www.fragbite.com.

It was a great experience and it was so much fun, since i've been playing this game myself for almost 10 years.

Below are some of the photos i took during the event:

For you who don't know about Counter-Strike, check out this video for some Gameplays/Highlights from the tournament. Made by Joel Brix.

NiSi Filters

I have recently been contacted by the filter company "NiSi" to test out and shoot with their filters. It makes me really happy that my work gets recognized by a company such as NiSi! I look forward using their filters in the future.


A detailed review of the products will come soon.

One of the best things about these filters is that there is no color cast at all. Typically when you shoot with ND filters it will add some sort of tint, some filters has a lot of blue or purple tint, wich makes it really hard to know how your photos turned out when viewing them in your camera. With the NiSi filters you will get the exact same colors that you set the White Balance to, wich is really nice.

Another great feature with these filters are the Polarizer that are included in the V5 System, you just screw it onto the holder and you can easily adjust the Polarizer by just roll on the little wheel on the outside of the holder.

Here are some of the photos i've been taking using the NiSi filters.


Iceland trip

About a month ago i went to Iceland for the second time, this time i drove around the whole island to capture some beautiful landscapes.



We started  off by driving to the west side towards the small town "Grundarfjordur" and the very photographed mountain "Kirkjufell". It was probably one of my most successfull days ever, the weather turned out great and i got some really nice shots.

f/16, 1.6s, ISO50, 16mm - Nikon D810, Nikon 16-35, NiSi filters



After two rainy days in the Northern Iceland we headed to the east side, it was a really beautiful drive and the weather was sunny and almost no wind at all. When we arrived we drove directly to Vestrahorn to check out the location for the evening shoot. When we came back we had some beautiful light and i managed to catch this photograph.

f/8, 1/20s, ISO100, 16mm - Nikon D810, Nikon 16-35, NiSi filters


Jökulsarlon beach is famous for all the icebergs that are washing up on the beach from a nearby glacier. It's a very fun place to shoot at and you can get away with some really nice and unique shots if you're lucky. We we're there two times on our trip, the first time it was almost no ice at all and the next day it was like thousands of them, it was cool to see how fast it could change.

f/8, 1s, ISO100, 16mm - Nikon D810, Nikon 16-35, NiSi filters


Dyrhólaey is definitely my favorite place to photograph in Iceland, there are so many different compositions and it's very easy to access. The photo below is taken during a sunrise on our last day on Iceland.

f/8, 5s, ISO250, 22mm - Nikon D810, Nikon 16-35, NiSi filters

Hello and welcome!

I decided to create a whole new website and also add new pages such as a Blog, better Portfolio and more, there will also be a printstore shortly. I hope you will like it. If you got some critique or something that you would like to see on this site, just let me know in the comments below.

On this blog i will be sharing stories, review products and keep you guys updated of whats going on in my life. So stay stuned!