Lofoten 2017

About a month ago i went to Lofoten in the northern Norway. It was a successful trip even though it was rainy, windy and almost no snow at all. But it's hard to fail in Norway because of the dramatic landscape and beautiful nature. I have visited Norway three times, two times during winter and one time during summer, and i have to say that Norway has become my favorite country. I am planning on doing a road trip in Norway this summer, so if you know any location i should visit let me know.

Location: Fredvang
I have had this place in my mind for a couple of years, so when i visited Lofoten this winter i just had to check this place out. This location is still quite unkown so i was the only photographer there. 

Location: Reine
The skies finally cleared up after a day full of rain, it was a very peaceful moment being at this location when the clouds were so low and almost no wind at all.


Location: Hamnøy
Probably the most iconic view in the Lofoten Islands. Beside me stands about 10-15 other photographers shooting the same view. Maybe not the most original photo but a must visit when you go to Lofoten.


More photos from Lofoten will come, stay tuned on my social media pages!