NiSi Filters

I have recently been contacted by the filter company "NiSi" to test out and shoot with their filters. It makes me really happy that my work gets recognized by a company such as NiSi! I look forward using their filters in the future.


A detailed review of the products will come soon.

One of the best things about these filters is that there is no color cast at all. Typically when you shoot with ND filters it will add some sort of tint, some filters has a lot of blue or purple tint, wich makes it really hard to know how your photos turned out when viewing them in your camera. With the NiSi filters you will get the exact same colors that you set the White Balance to, wich is really nice.

Another great feature with these filters are the Polarizer that are included in the V5 System, you just screw it onto the holder and you can easily adjust the Polarizer by just roll on the little wheel on the outside of the holder.

Here are some of the photos i've been taking using the NiSi filters.